NDPR IN A NUTSHELL: Employee Awareness Course

Welcome to NDPR in a Nutshell: The NDPR Employee Awareness Course

Privacy regulations such as the NDPR are needed to safeguard the right to privacy of a country’s citizens and individuals, such as you, your colleagues and I. As the regulation continues to mature and take center stage in the process, handling, protection and secure of personal data - organisations must focus on how to tackle pressing privacy related risk issues introduced by non-compliance to the regulations. 

This online course is an effective tool that organisations can use to bring business leaders and members of staff up to speed with the Nigeria Data Protection Regulation (NDPR). It will help to increase the capacity and awareness of NDPR across your organisation. 

On completion of the course, organisations will have an assurance that their employee has an understanding of: the NDPR regulation, the new obligations of the organisation, and how the regulation impacts their roles and responsibilities on a daily basis. 

This employee awareness course will use every day examples like:

  • To introduce NDPR and its key concepts 
  • Bring to the forefront the concept of data subjects and their rights.
  • Demonstrate practically how the NDPR would impact your organisation.
  • Understand what organisations need to comply with NDPR
  • Equip employees on how to introduce compliance into everyday activities in the work place. 

The course promises to support the organisation on the journey towards NDPR compliance and adopting an organizational culture where privacy and data protection are at the center stage on how you operate.

Enjoy the course – Enjoy the journey!

About the Instructor

Course Director

Ade Adedeji

Ade Adedeji is the Chief Privacy & Data Officer at Dataworks Analytics . At Dataworks, Ade has responsibility for leading the strategic direction of the Data Practice and the Centre of Excellence which are focused on tackling and delivering effective solutions to the growing data challenges of leading organizations in the African market. Ade holds a B.Eng. in Communication Systems Engineering from Coventry University, an MSc in Telematics from the University of Surrey both in the UK and an Executive Leadership Certification from Cornell University in New York. In addition, he has acquired a few professional certifications in privacy and project management these being: - CIPM – Certified Information Privacy Manager, CIPT – Certified Information Privacy Technologist, PMP – Project Management Professional.